[Closed] ATC at EGKK

Hi, I would like some practice before my IFATC practical so please come over and do some landings, fly some patterns, etc. I would like advice and tips back at the end


Give me a few minutes and I should be there. Easy 117

I will see you there. I’ll be D-EJS

I’m coming, Easy 7 9 0.

Sorry but my wifi doesnt work, I can’t come ;(

@JBarralet Great job, good luck for the Practical Test! Thanks for you service!


Thanks, i should hopefully be doing my practical today

Anyone else who flew have any tips?

Thanks @JBarralet! All in all very good, smooth and well controlled for me

Good luck and let us know how you got on 👍

Easy 188 / Tuijet 188

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Thanks @Mattia_Bordoni @Swiss188 for the compliments 👍. I will tell you my results too.

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Just to tell you guys, I passed my IFATC practical

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Yep you did great on your Practical :-)

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Closed or open? Please make it clear in your title.

It says closed…

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Congratulations 😊 !

See you on live

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It stays closed and open. If you want to take it any further PM is the place :)

Oh, never mind I see what you mean.

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