[CLOSED] ATC at EDDL TS1 Duesseldorf (Amsterdam)

I need practice and feedback!

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Be there momentary!! Good Luck!
(Im the Norwegian B787! NAX231)

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I am coming! Air France 0 0 3

Perfect ATC, not a foot wrong

If you are not already in the process of joining I would highly recommend joining IFATC

Just a sidetone here @Balloonchaser Please do shorter patterns , there is no need go 12 nm away from the airport, at that point you might as well be sent to approach to do radar patterns , Also you do not need to say going around after every touch and go.

//IFATC Adam Callow (Callsign :M-AGIC)


Feedback: @Bare

  1. Once I landed I was never told to “When Available Exit Runway and contact Ground”

All In All… You did very good.

@AdamCallow - I went far out so he could get some of the departures out of there (There was 4 holding short.) - Now looking back, I could have requested 32R… But too late now!

Also… Sorry for not being a “A” Rated pilot today… (Dont know why I wasnt on my game…)

Following you out that far I was thinking of changing myself


Thank you! I am in touch with @anon66442947. But, since I’m the father of two very demanding young daughters, I’m a little bit postponed my joining to IFATC team.


I hope you get round to it soon, the expert server needs people like you, I hope to see you controlling expert soon.

I didn’t give exit runway instruction because you were cleared for option, so I didn’t know yours intention. Sorry if I miss position report with “full stop”

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Well, next month I am back at sea with to much free time to kill…⚓️


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