[Closed] ATC at EDDL (PG)

Hey guys, i want to practice a Little bot for The practical Test, Please come and so a Little bit pattern st my Airport… I Hope it enjoy minimum 4 pilots…

See u there ;)

I’ll come :D

Ohh a real ATC Tester 😂😂 You’re welcome ;)

And scouter not to forget :P

Wait pls… I Must restart my iPad it doesnt work :(

Sooo youre welcome now 😂😂

If you’re still open I’m on my way! Expect a small report

Sorry for that :)


  • No pattern entry for Lion 45, just a sequence which is wrong
  • Pattern entry for @Skylines in the pattern already? He is in the pattern already!
  • I said I wanted a full stop, you responded with “Unnecessary reports?”

Do you know that this often happens to me in ADV? many controllers they respond so when I decide to finish my session and I say full stop

Continuing on from @dush19:

  • I requested takeoff in the pattern and received the wrong takeoff clearence. (I got no left or right entry)

  • You gave pattern instructions when I had called my position and it was the same patterned runway. You only need to if I changed, which was the second time.

  • Question, why did you broadcast to Dush, to follow instructions when he was grounded at the gate and I assume parked?

Apart from that, nice job and good luck 👍🏽

1:Ok wich was mit Lion 58, i think ive forgot it,
2:And Skylines… I dont know why i gave him pattern instructions…
3: you was cleared for The Option, it is nice that you Tell ne you want a Full stop, but when youre cleared for Option that includes a full stop… Was this wrong too?

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If it’s a full stop, it’s cleared to land.

Ok, maaaa i did it yesterday realy welk, and today… Not really :(
To your question, i gave him Exit instructions that means “called Grund on The Taxi way” But he Taxi on The Tower frequence and without Taxi clesrance ;)

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That’s @dush19 for ya ;)

Here a a picture… If i did The First Atc Test, i make s Little bit mistakes… And i Ask my recruiter for The right answers and a Short explain…

Did i now Understand anything wrong??
Look at this Last answer… The question was when an aircraft was clr for Option is he approved to land

But i thanks youre all that you have Time and gave ne Feedback :) i have to learn a Little bit more…
I have one questions? How many “Little” mistakes can The Student make in The practical Test?
When iam give an Aircraft in The pattern entry instructions… But this is my First and Last mistake… Is The Test succed Or failed? @dush19 @Skylines

I did everything right, runway change, go around, transition, fell only because I gave the sequencing slowly … so even a mistake is admitted,
Good luck!

Depends on the mistake buddy. If it’s something that may affect your ATC majorly than they will fail you. Example: Sequencing, pattern instructions etc-

If you have a small, easy mistake which isn’t very major than they should pass you. Example: Not giving the right runway exit…

Have you a Little bist More Time to Fly? I want to practice a Little bit more @Skylines @MarcelloM @dush19

I’m going off for the night in the simulator, well in my timezone. I should be available in about 7-10 hours. I’ll be hanging around on the forum for a little longer.