[CLOSED] ATC at EDDL (Amsterdam region) TS1

Feel free to test me! Actual IFATC feedback would be much appreciated. Hope to see some of you soon✌🏼️

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Might wanna calm down with the ATC Trainings as this is 3rd one today, maybe like more separation between the trainings.


I think it is great that he is training this much. Although it is a bit spammy, so maybe limit it to one topic or PM with people who want to come?


Would actually be a nice idea. We could make a threat about this where people can post a reply whenever they want to do a training session. This is especially good for those who want to practice and aren’t in the IFATC process yet.

Thanks for this nice session, it would have been perfect if I hadn’t messed up my last landing (speed indicator didn’t work). However, really good ATC work, your sequencing is definitely better than mine, but I’ll take your advice with me for the next session. The only thing that you’ve forgotten is the “when able turn xx…” command I think, but other than that good job!

Hahah I know! I might have taken it a bit far today! I just want to be ready for my practical. I’m just waiting for Tyler’s response, so I can take it.
Sorry if I’m being too much :))

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Thank you!! A little more traffic would have been more interesting… Sequencing gets tough when you have 5+ aircrafts in your pattern.
But I’ll try on the weekend again

Or maybe create a topic for his trainings.

I’d recommend doing a tracking thread where every time you control you’d say on your topic :D
Just my recommendation, but you are free to do what you want.

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