[Closed] ATC at Chicago O'hare Available on Training Server Two

Please spawn in Chicago, go inbound to Chicago, or do some circuits at Chicago to help me practice for my advanced ATC tests!

I’ll stop by. ;)

A moderator (baffled) can you give me some feedback?

Of course.

Thanks! I am so excited but nervous for the test!

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I’ll be there in 15!

coming …

Yay! Thanks for the help!

Sounds good. Can you spawn at the B gates?

Feedback sent via PM. Nice work. :)

Thanks ;) When it got busy I forgot to clear for the option

I send the Feedback via PM… good job and good luck for your test :)

Who is your recruiter if you have one ? // Recruiter

Thanks so much!

Tyler is my recruiter. I am going to take my written soon but I want to be well prepared for my practical.

I never got your feedback.

lol. I just landed. Corp211 Citation

I saw your landing ;) it was good.

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Overall looked pretty good. But if I was you, next time pick an easier airport to practice at. Just pick one with parallel runways. EDDL , KSJC or any other ones. That way when myself and other scouts come and fly, we can do some things that are part of the written and practical tests. It will be easier for you to handle and understand

Yep, I learned my lesson. KORD is WAY to big for this practice.

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