[Closed] ATC Approach Training on PG

Denver,CO KASE
If you have time please come and request approach, will try my best to not smash you into the mountains…


You did well. Thanks for doing it at Kase it was quite fun.

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Thanks mate for coming…gave you 20 degree interceptions…have to move it up to 30 degrees

Nope. You can clear at 10, 20, or 30 degrees. Just no straight-ins.


Yes…i know…but for the test it has to be 30…;)
At least that is what I’ve been told,lol

no does not have to be 30. We like 20-30 but accept 10 as well :)


Pheew…that drops a stone…good to know i have some room to maneuver…

not much room especially at Aspen lol

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True that😂

Well…come do patterns or just test approach 😁

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