[Closed] ATC Active @TFFR on PG

I would like some feedback as well :)

Sorry but my iPad’s on 6% so no…
I’m going to go, play me some Cities: Skylines

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Oh! Change of plans… My PC won’t connect to Wi Fi so now I have my iPad hooked up.

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Coming right now.

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Great ATC, I was unable to fly due to a glitch however

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Coming in for some pattern work as N260WK

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You saw me I was 3625

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Know your basic commands
Can control ground well.

Ok, straight to the point.
I purposely taxied through the grass. You didn’t catch that. That happened to me also.
You didn’t clear me to land until I was in final. I think that is to late however let me see what @Tyler_Shelton thinks.
You took me to the end of the localizer. You could have cleared me for the short final.

Overall Rating 5/10
Keep on practicing and you will get better. You have great potential.

Two things.

  1. Sorry about my flying. My iPhone is at like 80 degrees and it hurts my hand.

  2. Do you think it could be possible if I could call a ‘mayday’ I can use a ATC command like

Request Transition 11 thousand feet to symbolize when I have called it.

It’s just my phone is getting so hot aha

I’ll cut off my engines and we can evaluate how good you handle the situation


Sorry, I thought you had that skidding bug going on…

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One thing: I asked for a touch and go, but you cleared me to land. But, I am happy with your decision. I struggled to stay at a safe speed.

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Sorry, there was that noob there I had to deal with. I tried staying focused on you and the others though :)

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@JFKPlaneSpotter where are you now?

I didn’t want to tell you that I was coming so it was a real testing!

  • When you told me to back taxi, half way through I was cleared for takeoff. I would recommend either telling the Aircarft on final to go around or just let me not back taxi :)

  • As soon as I landed I was told to “hold position” I can’t actually do that at 130 knots ;) Best option was to tell me to go around. Better and not causing two aircrafts on the same runway!

Anyway that’s from me! :) keep on practicing! :D

EDIT: I was CD201 :)

You still should always say that is not a taxiway

Closed now

Yes, but you were connected to tower

I was? You told me to contact tower when holding short. Anyway, great service overall. Tag me when you do this again.

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Ok, thanks :) I may do PHNL tomorrow :)

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