[Closed] ATC Active @EGKK - PG

26L for departures and 26R for arrivals

No pattern work is accepted at this time

Just by way of information at EGKK both runways are not used simultaneously They are not far enough apart for the required lateral separation. 08L/26R is never used as a runway unless 08R/26L is closed for maintenance.

Anyway, it’s PG so I guess it won’t matter. Enjoy your session.


Thanks for the info, will keep that in mind for next time, and thanks I will :)


I came (hope you saw me) but I only wanted to do pattern work so I didn’t takeoff.

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I may open later, it’s just too busy now.

I understand completely. Let me know if you do :)

ok, so everyone flew out, you can come back if you’d like :)

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