[Closed] ATC Active at TNCM on PG

Nothing above an A340

Report anyone above an A340

Any patterns accepted and have fun! :)

–waits for Patrick to tag like 8 people–
And then you don’t tag anyone lol.

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@Tecnam2TA @Pilot8 @PlanesForLife @DS2001

You still on?

I am now :)

10 minutes.

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I’ll come fly with ya.

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Did you practice for your practical Test? Or just for fun? @JFKPlaneSpotter

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Are you wanting feedback?

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Hey ho, i give you feedback…

I was only 5 Minutes there But that is enough… Wi H The back Taxi Option you did Great… But After my takeoff, no sequence i gave you Position Report “left base” that means i am moved from downwind to base/final and you gave me “extend downwind” instruction when iam on final, you Know that a Little cessna, spitfires Or Jets flying a Short pattern then a A320 Or 319… Back to The Sequence, you dont sequence me, and what should i do when iam on Short final and you gave me “extend downwind”? I Annonce Go around and you sayd “follow instructions”… But i think myself, all good, “my mistake” But i anounce Go around and make left Traffic myself, one Minute later you gave me “Go around make right Traffic” i dont Understand this…
After my Go around you dont sequence me instead you gave me “extend downwind” and one Minute later “i’ll call your Base” when you want Safe The distance between Aircrafts Or you have departures, i use only “ill call your Base”… And After 1minute more that you dont call my base i was a Little bit annoyed…

PS:my english is not good, i Hope you Understand this…

Pps: this is bot mean Bad, just constrictive, please Understand this mit wrong :)

I said extend downwind because others were already cleared landing :)

You forgot about the KLM 747, haven’t you?

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And I said to follow instructions because I believe you were going to land and others were cleared before you

I’m 1 year too young for IFATC :/

Ill PM you

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Still open? @JFKPlaneSpotter

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No, closed a while ago, almost fell asleep, past midnight here

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