(Closed) ATC active at KMLI

Hey all you peeps, come join in now as I am in Twr/Grd and I need people to give feedback below. I want to sharpen my ATC skills a little, so you can join in now if you’d like ;)

Server: Training server 2

Status: Closed.

I’ll join! If there were incoming aircraft, I wish I could be approach. :o

I’ll be coming in a CCX.

No one is really there. There is only one person though.

Ok, See you there

Sorry, I had to go eat breakfast. :(

Also, my landing was too late and horrible. I haven’t flown the CCX in ages.

No problem :) at least you came.

New location guys. New comments accepted below.

On my way!

I came to help a fellow AA pilot out. Sorry for flying a bit rashly. I also tested you with the that last minute runway change, which you passed. 😃 You may want to work on your timing. I know this because you had me land at a runway that intersected with another runway (you also cleared an aircraft to land on the he other runway), which almost put me on a collision course with another aircraft. Luckily the other aircraft quit before we collided, but you may still want to work on that aspect of controlling.

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Nice Work. A few things I found while you were controlling that shouldn’t have happened:
Unnecessary Pushback The pushback command you issued without me asking was unnecessary. Flight planning and other things such as real-world operation mimicking could be happening in the parking spot. You can however clear them to taxi after you clear them for pushback, but do not clear them for pushback unless they ask.
Holding for Pushback When you have two people requesting pushback and the same time and are really close, especially when you’re not busy, give one (usually the second to request) a Hold position. When you cleared us two for pushback, my tail and wing collided with the aircraft behind me.
Pattern Entry While Already in the Pattern On my first pattern for 09, I was given a pattern entry into the runway as sequencing. If I’m taking off, remaining in the pattern, that means I’m doing pattern work. With your clearance of left or right traffic, that enters me into the pattern, making it unnecessary to give me a pattern entry. Also, there is no sequencing for number 1 for a reason. You would just go straight ahead and clear.
No Pattern Entry for Inbound BP900 made the wrong move my stating his go around, which would’t mean anything in the situation he was in. You did though, recognize that as an inbound request. With your response, there was no pattern entry. Because you cleared him for straight out, he exited the pattern, and a pattern entry was required to enter back.
No Sequencing When BP900 went out and you asked for his intentions, he responded with a inbound request. With that request, you responded with a clearance for 09. That should have been a pattern entry, but with sequencing as well, since I was number 1.
Incorrect Runway Switch When BP900 requested a runway switch from runway 09 to 05, you should have responded with a pattern entry to enter left/right downwind for that runway. You, instead, responded with a simple clearance, which is not how it’s done.
No Exit Runway Command Exit runway command is important, because it requires the pilot to exit the runway as soon as you instruct him to, as well as giving them a frequency change when they exit. As @Bluepanda900 said, if you had given me the exit runway, we wouldn’t be on a collision course.
I am an official IFATC Scouter, so if you want any help to improve your controlling and achieving controlling quality to pass your test, feel free to PM me!


Ah, wish I could’ve come.

@Zachary_Meir_Tish @Bluepanda900 thanks for the feedback. Yes, I forgot to exit you away from the runway, which would have cause a collision between two aircraft which is a runway Incursion. That’s why I’m still learning ATC. Again, thanks for your feedback!

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Lol I forgot I sated the go around, also a test to see how he would react.

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