[Closed] Aspen Pitkin - Tower and Ground // Pattern Work Needed [PG]

Hello! Today I will be opening up Tower and Ground at KASE - Aspen Pitkin Co. Sardy Fld in the Denver, Colorado region. This is primarily to work on my sequencing skills, so please be patient.

I am unaware of the timescale I have but at most I will be open for an hour.

If the is low traffic, expect to taxi to 33 for take off. 15 will be used for landing. This is because of the mountains nearby. If traffic is height 15 will have to be used for all traffic. Please try not to back taxi as this will clog up the system and it shouldn’t be necessary as your aircraft shouldn’t be a heavy.

Although Aspen is high and you could easily do pattern work at 11,000 ft at 400kts, please maintain a sensible speed: At most 220kts.

Thank you for your co-operation.