(Closed) Asian Exploration! @ VTBS - 192200ZJAN18

Sure! You can have a Thai gate

Can I join as cpa 777-300

Yep sure! See you there!

The date of event has been pushed back one day due to unforeseen circumstances, sorry if this effects anyone

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What is the flight plan

Nevermind I found it

Can I get a Thai 777 plz?

This is 4:00Pm on the 20th right?

Yes it is I believe, see you there!

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I would like to join in a Thai 777. Sign me up for Gate B04.

Ok you are in! See you all there!

Scan I be ina a Cathay pacific 777 300

What is the estimated flight time

2 and a half hours is the flight time

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Thanks everyone for a great event!

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