(Closed) Asian Exploration! @ VTBS - 192200ZJAN18

Server: Casual

Region: Asia

Airport VTBS

Time: 2200Z

Thai Airways Gates (THA 777)
C01 - @obsidianflyer
C03 - @Goran12
C05 - @Daniel14
C07 - @JackH
C09 - @Niklas3
B04 - @Andrew2002
B05 - @DiamondGaming4
B06 -
Cathay Pacific Gates (CPA A330)
C02 - @wayne_aaron346
C04 - @Jacob_Sim
C06 - @Davidberman
C08 - @SATAN
C10 -
B01 -
B02 -
B03 -
if in TFC use your assigned callsign
More Gates will be added if needed

Event Info
Flight plan

VTBS EXSON BS611 CHEST INTRA MOCHI 1453N/10206E 1455N/10208E ROT 1633N/10445E VILAO DONGI XONUS ASSAD 1931N/10911E SAMAS 2057N/11103E BIGRO 2143N/11213E 2146N/11219E 2151N/11232E 2158N/11249E ZUH SIERA 2139N/11342E 2145N/11348E 2151N/11354E LIMES VHHH

Speed and altitude

Cruising Altitude FL410
Cruising Speed M.84
Climb VS 2700fpm
Speed below 10,000ft 248kts
Speed above 10,000ft 310kts
Descent VS -1800fpm

Be respectful of others as we fly to Hong Kong!

Event hosted by Tailwinds Flying Club!

Who we are
We are a group of enthusiastic people who understand the modern day constraints of school and work.
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I’d like to join but what’s the date??

It will be on the 19th of January at 5:00pm EST

Yes 2200Z that’s 1000PM for me and I can join can I have a Thai gate please thanks.

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May i join? can i be on the cathay pacific gate? thank you!!!

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You both are in! See you there!

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Thank you for this see you there

Can I have a gate please for Thai

Gate please 💁‍♀️ Thai 777

Yep sure! See you there!


Can I take one of the CPA gates. Thanks

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No problemo! You are in!

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Just a little tip, you should put the route at the top along with region and time. I saw this

But not everyone will read every single word ;)


Region and time is there but route isn’t in the new official tailwinds event template

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Yes I know that but it’s still a good thing to do :)


It isn’t really need if it is said then I don’t think a whole section is needed

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It’s not a whole section
Ex: Route: VTBS - VHHH

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Please put me on the list for whichever gate. Thank you!

Username: davidberman
Call sign: EKDB

OK I’ll put you down for CPA gates

Could you please get me any gate