(CLOSED) Aruba Flyout! @ TNCA 052300ZAPR19

Aruba was one of my best Caribbean island to travel since 2011. I have traveled to the island 2 times from Caracas and 1 times from Vancouver.

Server: Training

Airport: TNCA

Time: 2019-04-05T23:00:00Z

NOTAM: TNCA has only one runway, so takeoff time may take a minute.
Custom routes are allowed.

Here are the gates: Note: Gate 16, 12, 13, 21, 23 are not included.
Gate 11: American Airlines 767-300 to KMIA @ztoastednoodle
Gate 10: US Airways 757-200 to KPHL @Kaseng_Cheng_Rangel
Gate 9: DHL 757 to KMIA @Ethan4
Gate 8: Air Canada A321 to CYYZ @AviationDylan
Gate 7: Delta 757 to KATL @100_Star_Gaming
Gate 6: JetBlue A320 to KJFK @samory167
Gate 5: Southwest Airlines 737-800 to KFLL @Suhas
Gate 4: KLM 747-400 to EHAM @Jackson_Kaiman
Gate 3: JetBlue A320 to KFLL @bcc.123
Gate 2: Copa Airlines 737-800 to MPTO @AryaTheLivingMeme
Gate 22: Aruba Airlines CRJ-200 to SVVA @JIA_345

Ground: @KIND9624
Tower: @KIND9624


Could you insert date, since I don’t know what time that will be in Norway, no timezone either

The time zone is in Aruba. 7:00 PM will be 1:00 AM

Can I have gate 8?

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I’ll Take the KLM 744, Thanks! Callsign KLM 765


and by the way, Air canada uses the a318 to fly to CYYZ ;)


Also they don’t have a a318

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here are some photos of AUA also, if you want to include in your post!


Nice, thanks for sharing


And in Norway it will be?

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You are up!

I told you it will be 1:00 AM in Norway

Ok, then I will not be able to join :(

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Just a note, Zulu time does not represent the time that you want it to be. Saying in your post that it’s 1900z means it’s going to be at 2100 in Norway not 1am. Zulu is a specific time, not a time that you can change for it to equal your own time zone. I would suggest you change your post or else others will get confused.

It’s A320. I honestly just flew to Aruba 1 week ago on AC.

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Yeah zulu doesn’t have timezones

If you want the fly-out to be 1900 Aruba time, then the title should say 2300Z.

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Unless it’s one of those things that changes based on day of the week.

When you say time zone is in Aruba, do you just mean eastern time?

And actually what is the date too. Did I miss it?