[CLOSED] - Artem's ATC Tracking Thread [TS1]

Hey there!
Please come along and provide some feedback here:)
I am controlling on TS1
Enjoy your flying


@Artem_Frolov how long ya staying open for? I can come by in about 10 mins

No problem! See you there



For the most part, you did very good! I liked that you gave me in the jet left traffic, and the Cessna right traffic. However, a few things could use improvement:

  1. Sequencing. Whenever you have more than 1 aircraft in the pattern/inbound, you must sequence them. As there was another aircraft (@KapitanBrozy) you needed to use sequencing. As I was behind him most of the time, you would have said to me “number two, traffic to follow on right downwind”.

  2. Clearances. Whenever you cleared me for the option, you told me the direction of traffic to make (left traffic in this case). You do not need to tell the direction of traffic to make unless you are changing it. All you need is a sequence (if applicable) and then clearance for the option.

Also, if you want to avoid nimrods like that guy in the A380, I’d recommend opening ATC at a lesser-known airport next time. But it’s totally up to you!

Lastly, I’d definitely recommend watching this tutorial about sequencing. It’s a bit lengthy, but can definitely help.

Have a great day!


Thanks a lot for your feedback! It is really appreciated!

I thought that’s what I did cos he did smaller loops. But still will watch again that video!

Thanks a lot! Good day


Great job nice ATC skills, keep practicing! If you ever open again tell me I come to do more touch and goes.

That guy in the A380 though 🤭

Okay! Thanks :-)

That guy was mental. Especially when I tried to move him to a bit more suitable runway for A380 lol


live in ZBAA Ground + Tower for a bit
edit: CLOSED. Too many not following instructions

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Now open in EDDF Ground + Tower!
Edit: Closed, IF glitching
Edit: Still Open, apparently there was server restart:)

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On my way: PH-ADZ
See you there


I just reported inbound from a neighboring airport, and the first instruction I received from you is: number 1 cleared to land.

To me this indicates you did not watch the IFATC tutorials. Above here I see that Rocco already gave you a YouTube clip about sequencing. If you would have watched others you would have known that EVERY new inbound, ALWAYS gets a pattern entry instruction first.

Unless this was just a little slip-up, I suggest you watch the tutorials, before you ask pilots to help you practice. You will do a better job plus you will be able to understand the feedback you get.

Good luck!

Here’s another tutorial, watch this + the others. They’re well prepared and teach you a lot.


Hey there! I am open now at Minsk National [UMMS] for 30 minutes.
Come and do some pattern work!

Edit: Closed

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Open: EGLL Approach for 30 mins ish
Edit: Closed after an hour:)

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Now open: CYOW Tower + Ground for 25 minutes
NOTAM: RWY in use 07
METAR: CYOW 282100Z 05011KT 15SM BKN070 05/M00 A2970 RMK AC7 SLP064

Edit: Closed, will reopen quite soon

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Open now at EGKK Ground + Tower
METAR: METAR: EGKK 011420Z 07017KT 8000 BKN015 M03/M05 Q0996

Edit: Closed

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Open: LFPG Ground + Tower
METAR: LFPG 041600Z 23010KT 9999 -SHRA SCT013 BKN020 07/06 Q0991 NOSIG

EDIT: Closed

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Open: KSAN Tower
Edit: Switched to KJFK

2nd Edit: Closed

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Open: KMIA Ground + Tower

Edit: Closed


I’ll come along for some patterns. LS296

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Some early feedback. Don’t give a pattern instruction unless I’m chnsgung runway.

Sequence me and then Clear me.

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Okay. So a few things.

  • You do not have to give a pattern instruction unless 1) I’m/You’re changing runway 2) I’m inbound from another airport.
    Instead, Sequence me and then Clear me for the Option
    E.g. Number 2, Traffic to Follow is on Left Downwind. Then Number 2, Cleared for the Option.

  • You do not have to give a direction with my clearance (Make Left/Right Traffic) unless you are changing my pattern direction or if I’m inbound on a different runway after a runway change.

  • You told me to Enter Left Base at one point. This was incorrect as this is a pattern instruction (as mentioned above). I think you might have wanted me to turn to make my final approach but this was the wrong instruction. You had already Sequenced and Cleared me and so I was aware of who I was following. Trust your pilots!

I think there was something else, but I can’t remember. Make sure you watch all of the videos (previously mentioned here) and please let me know if you have any questions or need some help!

Good luck - keep going!

Here are the videos for your reference:

They’re super clear and you will clear lots.