[Closed] Around The World With Tailwinds Flying Club @ KORD - 040300ZDEC17

Server: Training

Region: Litlerally the whole world

Airport: KORD

Time: 0300Z (7:00PM PT, 10:00PM ET)

Dates: December 4th-10th

Info: This is a one of a kind event. For a whole week we will fly one route per night starting with KORD-RJTT, then RJTT-YSSY the second night, and so on. The first flight will begin on DEC 4th. All flights will begin at 0300Z. For additional info, please contact @DiamondGaming4. IMPORTANT you do not have to attend all flights, but please try to make atleast 3!

NOTAM: For each flight, please spawn in 5 mins early so we can depart on time. Gate info for each airport will be posted with the flight. (All routes are listed below with their info). Please try to stay in formation with everyone and stay behind the leader.

Aiarcraft: Any aircraft that can fly non-stop for atleast 14 hours.

All Route Info:


We will be using Terminal 5 at KORD (more gates will be added if needed)
Gate M1: Leader @DiamondGaming4 B787-10
Gate M2: @Daniel14 B787-9
Gate M3: @RichCar_Theif B747-8
Gate M4: @anon97876772 B787-9
Gate M5: @Brian8054 B787-10
Gate M6: @AdamTanA350 B787-9
Gate M7: @GolferRyan A380
Gate M8: @Oli_H A380
Gate M9: @United-Express B787-8
Gate M10: @Jmacd20 B787-8
Gate M11: @anon67310022 B777-3
Gate M12: @The_Geniusman
Gate M13:
Gate M14:
Gate M15:
Gate M16:
Gate M17:
Gate M18:
Gate M19
Gate M20:
Gate M21:

Flight Plan


We will be using Terminal 1 at RJTT
Gate 1: Leader @DiamondGaming4
Gate 2: @Daniel14
Gate 3: @RichCar_Theif
Gate 4: @anon97876772
Gate 5: @Brian8054
Gate 6: @AdamTanA350
Gate 7: @GolferRyan
Gate 8: @Oli_H
Gate 9: @United-Express
Gate 10: @Jmacd20
Gate 11: @anon67310022
Gate 12: @The_Geniusman
Gate 13:
Gate 14:
Gate 15:
Gate 16:
Gate 17:
Gate 18:
Gate 19:
Gate 20:
Gate 21:

Flight Plan


We will be using Gates in Terminals 2 and 3
Gate 3: Leader @DiamondGaming4
Gate 4: @Daniel14
Gate 5: @RichCar_Theif
Gate 6: @anon97876772
Gate 49: @Brian8054
Gate 52: @AdamTanA350
Gate 53: @GolferRyan
Gate 54: @Oli_H
Gate 55: @United-Express
Gate 56: @Jmacd20
Gate 57: @anon67310022
Gate 58: @The_Geniusman
Gate 59:
Gate 31:
Gate 32:
Gate 33:
Gate 34:
Gate 35:
Gate 36:
Gate 37:
Gate 38:
Gate 39:
Gate 40:
Gate 43:
Gate 44:
Gate 45:
For reference:

Flight Plan


We will be using Gates D201-D219, V131, V133, and V134
Gate D201: Leader @DiamondGaming4
Gate D202: @Daniel14
Gate D203: @RichCar_Theif
Gate D204: @anon97876772
Gate D205: @Brian8054
Gate D206: @AdamTanA350
Gate D207: @GolferRyan
Gate D208: @Oli_H
Gate D209: @United-Express
Gate D210: @Jmacd20
Gate D211: @anon67310022
Gate D212: @The_Geniusman
Gate D213:
Gate D214:
Gate D215:
Gate D216:
Gate D217:
Gate D218:
Gate D219:
Gate V131:
Gate V133:
Gate V134:

Flight Plan


We will be using Gates F1-F21 at OMDB
Gate F1: Leader @DiamondGaming4
Gate F2: @Daniel14
Gate F3: @RichCar_Theif
Gate F4: @anon97876772
Gate F5: @Brian8054
Gate F6: @AdamTanA350
Gate F7: @GolferRyan
Gate F8: @Oli_H
Gate F9: @United-Express
Gate F10: @Jmacd20
Gate F11: @anon67310022
Gate F12: @The_Geniusman
Gate F13:
Gate F14:
Gate F15:
Gate F16:
Gate F17:
Gate F18:
Gate F19:
Gate F20:
Gate F21:

Flight Plan


We will be using Gates 531-548 and 551-554 at EGLL
Gate 531: Leader @DiamondGaming4
Gate 532: @Daniel14
gate 533: @RichCar_Theif
Gate 534: @anon97876772
Gate 535: @Brian8054
Gate 536: @AdamTanA350
Gate 537: @GolferRyan
Gate 538: @Oli_H
Gate 539: @United-Express
Gate 540: @Jmacd20
Gate 541: @anon67310022
Gate 542: @The_Geniusman
Gate 543:
Gate 544:
Gate 545:
Gate 546:
Gate 547:
Gate 548:
Gate 551:
Gate 552:
Gate 553:
Gate 554:

Flight Plan


We will be using Gates 120-141 at SBGL
Gate 120: Leader @DiamondGaming4
Gate 121: @Daniel14
Gate 122: @RichCar_Theif
Gate 123: @anon97876772
Gate 124: @Brian8054
Gate 125: @AdamTanA350
Gate 127: @GolferRyan
Gate 128: @Oli_H
Gate 129: @United-Express
Gate 130: @Jmacd20
Gate 131: @anon67310022
Gate 132: @The_Geniusman
Gate 133:
Gate 134:
Gate 135:
Gate 136:
Gate 137:
Gate 138:
Gate 139:
Gate 140:
Gate 141:

Flight Plan

When applying for ATC please comment which position you want and what airport

ATC Positions

Ground controllers:
Tower controllers:
Departure controllers:
Arrival Controllers:

Full Flight Schedule


Flight Info

Runways: As you can probably tell, runways will vary by route.
Cruise speed: M.85
Cruise altitude: Will vary by route
Speed before 10,000ft: 248kn
Speed after 10,000ft: 348kn
Climb VS: 2700fpm
Decent VS: -1900fpm

Additional Info

When you sign up, please state your aircraft, what flights you can make, and the gate you want.

Cruise altitudes and runways will be announced in the PM for each flight. Routes are subject to change. Once again, if you have any questions regarding Tailwinds Flying Club or this event, please PM @DiamondGaming4

Full route map (because why not)

This event is hosted by
Tailwinds Flying Club


Sign me up for every single one.

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What Aircraft will you take?

747-8 please. Or do we choose one for individual flights.

Same aircraft all the way through 👌

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It says 787-9. I said 747-8.

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Confused you with Daniel. Sorry about that 😂

Sign me up for every one. I’ll bring a Boeing 787-9

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747 not 787. You keep putting 787.

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Welcome aboard! I’ve got your gate down 👌

Sing me io too, i will represent AF-KLM VA

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Sign me up with the 787-9. Which airline?

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Hellu I’ll be in 787-10 Generic thanks.

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Sign me up for the flight on December 8th. Emirates A380

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Welcome aboard, gentlemen!

Any airline works. It doesn’t really matter since we’ll be all over the world

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What aircraft will you be taking?

Aircraft: B787-10 AIRFRANCE 131

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Got it! Check up there for your gate!

Where? Which gate? And thanks