[Closed] Around The World Event (1/3) @ OMDB - 080300ZDEC17

Server: Training

Region: Somewhere…

Airport: OMDB

Time: 0300 Zulu


NOTAM: This is one of three events that were originally part of the “Around The World” event, but are being split into individual events.


We will be using Gates F1-F21 at OMDB
Gate F1: Leader @DiamondGaming4 B787-10
Gate F2: @Daniel14
Gate F3: @RichCar_Theif
Gate F4: @MrAlaska
Gate F5: @Mambru_Gars
Gate F6: @AdamTanA350
Gate F7: @GolferRyan
Gate F8: @Oli_H
Gate F9: @United-Express
Gate F10: @Jmacd20
Gate F11: @Joseph_Krol
Gate F12: @The_Geniusman
Gate F13:
Gate F14
Gate F15:
Gate F16:
Gate F17:
Gate F18:
Gate F19:
Gate F20:
Gate F21:

Flight Info:
VS for climb: 2800fpm
VS for decent: -1900fpm
Cruise Altitude: 35,000ft
Cruise Speed: M.86
Climb Speed before 10,000ft: 248kn
Climb Speed after 10,000ft: 348kn

Flight Plan: *[Coming Soon]

Original event

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