[closed]Are there still more glitches in IF?

So now it’s the last update and there’s still more glitches but they are getting lesser

What still remains is:
1.Lukla glitch(spawning in the mountains)
2.Flare glitch(only in solo)

So i found a new glitch called floating glitch:
1.go to solo
2.fly a 737
3.go on final(approach)
4.landing gear up
6.land to a runway
then this happens

So this was about 5 days tho…

so if you always have a glitch you can always restart it

and you just dont mind the glitch… Just have fun in the game👍

in the picture it’s still floating

I believe this “glitch” has been reported some amount of times before and that developers are aware


reported? why

so he also experienced that too?

what version is that?

Most of the glitches will be fixed in much later updates or patches. IF strives for perfection (perfection is impossible, but definitely something good to aim for) so I can imagine these glitches gone maybe in 2019.

Tapping the gear button twice should fix the glitch shown above.

Correct :)
And a number of other people including me have experienced it as well,

And I believe it is the latest version of IF but you’d have to contact @Jose_gil to make sure

Version 18.6 because that 737 has the split scimitar winglets, and @Jose_gil also has 18.6. This glitch was introduced after the most recent update.

and also this is the last update

Only the last update of the year.

ok then…

so we’re going to close this so have a good time…