[Closed] Approach @ KDEN TS1

I’m going to try my clumsy hand at approach in the Denver Region on TS1. I am not IFATC qualified for this position so warning…you might get a chance of meet some goats curtesy of mark.
If you feel brave, consider flying under me and testing me out. I have watched videos but I’m a noob in approach areas.


I will come by

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Some tips accept what they want unless its out of range and then if it is in your area then a quick and easy trick is to hold onto their pane and drag where you want them to turn and then choose altitude and all that

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I’ll be open for about thirty minutes

I found that from the videos thank you :)

When i finish downloading something ill pop along. Also to get IFATC try and be open for 1hour-3 hours

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Yeah I’m not interested in IFATC. Just want to see how it feels. I used to be IFATC so I know the restrictions

Why aren’t you anymore?

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I will be doing ground and tower too, I’m practicing for IFATC, so feedback for me would be greatly appreciated as well!

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can i come as ground

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im there as departure

I’m there LK-DSA we are turning back due to a problem the problem will fix by 2045zulu then if your still online i will request radar vectors to KASE

Sorry i had to go so quickly i had to help my mum up as she just fell

No worries. Closed Approach

If you had any feedback please feel free to private message me. Have a great day everyone it’s been a blast.