[CLOSED] Approach IFATC training TS1 OMDB

I’m IFATC and I’m looking into becoming an approach controller. Please come with any plane. (Except ga) and come do some radar patterns. I’ll be approach. No feedback unless you’re absolutely sure of what you’re saying😉. Thanks! Have fun. I’ll be active for 1 hour or a bit less depending on traffic.


I think smaller aircraft can fly ILS approaches as well, can’t they?

Also, I would assume you would need to know how to handle slower and faster aircraft alongside each other.

Either way, best of luck with your training.

Suppose I can there’s no problem, but I’m trying to train the turn of faster aircrafts…

I’m opening again now. Come do some radar patterns at OMDB. Feedback appreciated, but no need if you’re lazy. Thanks! Need good pilots

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