(Closed) Approach & Departure @ KMIA TS1

Doing atc for abit at KMIA TS1 feel free to leave feedback and hope to see you

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Your tower guy has the same name as me :)

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You should give your altitudes and headings in a single command if they’re coincident.

Your intercept altitudes should be based on how far out the pilot will intercept the localizer. If you’re going to intercept me 8 miles from the cone, 2500 is a bit low. Not a deal breaker bit still.

You gave me a 35 degree intercept for 12.

You should just give a downwind heading if that’s your intent. At one point you went 320-330-310-320.

The reason I kept asking for 08L was to see if you would give headings based on the runway number or the actual heading (which is 93°). Sorry probably annoying. Thought I’d try.

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