[CLOSED] Anyone want to fly tonight?

It’s in the Denver region

Hopefully if Im up at 12 usually I knock out at 11ish but I will try

Don’t have

Are you taking in EDT?

Yes I am in the east

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I can probably come in a CX…but what are the min and max winds for the Denver region in about an hour…l wish they were listed for all regions somewhere in IF itself without needing a companion app on a secondary device…

In a free region or NY or London.

Well guys, decide… lol

What region did we come up with?

Callsign: N808IS

The flight is going to be in Denver, I’ll explain the flight details once I know who is coming

I wished it was on a free server :(

Callsign: N808IS

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Well, I’m in.

Ill join :)

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To everyone who is going, Meet at KASE at 10pm MST and copy my flight plan, my call sign is HOP7. Fly in any aircraft no larger than the 737-700, cruise altitude is 22,500 and cruise speed is 300 indicated airspeed, we can fly close to escorted during cruise but create spacing for landing at KPUB, start descending at around 80-85 miles from destination


I will lead the flight, we will be taking off from runway 33 and land at runway 08L or 08R at KPUB

What server ?


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Should I fly in a Frontier livery?

are you there?

If you could that would look awesome

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