[CLOSED] Anyone want to fly tonight?

Hello everyone, I’ve been doing a series of fun group flights with other people on the forum. Today I was thinking about a flight from Aspen (KASE) to Pueblo (KPUB), it would be around a 170nm flight through the beautiful Colorado Mountains on playground or advanced. This flight will take place at 10pm MST (Which is 12:00am east coast time and 9:00pm west coast time). Comment in this post if you are interested.


I might be able to join

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Alright, get back to me if you can

If you come on PG I can control for you and your group…wait I might be in KDEN…never mind 😞

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Random aircraft/ airline or any specific ?

Do you have the a318?

Thanks anyways

No, just 320

Np sorry. I will be watching you guys but probwbly can’t fly.

I might tag along if I’m up. Let me know which server you’re heading to.

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I do, do you have a 737-800? Or 777-200/300?

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Why? Aspen is too small of an airport for anything bigger than a 737-700

It’s going to be on playground so more people can fly, thank you anyways!

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What airport region?

Oh lol I just saw Colorado so I was thinking Denver Airport

Anyone up for a flight?

Lol, would you like to fly?

Read the first post

Region, I might not have the region u want