[Closed] Anyone up for a flight?

Hey guys! Would anybody be up for a flight in 30 minutes or so on the training server? I was thinking about a 250 mile adventure in the Hawaii region. We would take off from PHOG and fly around the eastern end of Maui before flying over to Oahu and circling the island and then landing at PHNL. Although, if you guys want to do a flight in a different region that’s just fine with me!


Maybe Ontario to Los Angeles KONT to KLAX if so you spawn at gate UPS 2

I will be at gate UPS 1 with a 747-400 United airlines

Sure, I’d be up for that. I’d just do a touch and go at KLAX and then continue on to MMTJ though.

I will be there in one minute my callsign will be United 747

Okay, actually, I think I’ll just fly from KONT to KLAX and then once that flight is done I’ll go to the Hawaii region and fly my route there. My call sign is D4CG.

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Yeh I’m in KONT to KLAX thn I’ll fly with you in Hawaii region


Okay, awesome! Once I spawn in I’ll create a flight plan and then you can just copy it.

Sure my call sign is N550QL Heavy

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Alright, I’ve spawned into PHOG and created a flight plan. It’s about 230 miles long. I’ll depart in a few minutes.

Nice flight you rolled very early on takeoff @ontario

That was a fun flight! Thanks for joining me @Kishan_Shah!

It’s always fun if there is someone to fly with
How abt next time hit me up if your up for a flight
And yeh a long one…I have like 20 hours to go for grade 5

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Alright, sounds good!

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