[CLOSED]Anyone interested in low flying at KLAX?

Answer the question below to join. PM me your answer please, any answers posted on the topic will be flagged :) (First 3 people to answer the question correctly will be able to join)

Which American airline has an order for A350-1000s? REMEMBER to PM me your answer!! ;)


Yes, but only one question. If you have your answer, PM me it. Thanks ;)

I’m interested

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Figure out the answer to the question above, PM me it and we’ll see :)

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Who would want to answer a quiz to fly low at KLAX with you when they can do that themselves and get their friends to join without answering a quiz?

It’s a Freeflight event that I put together for anyone that wants to join, but they have to answer one, easy, question to fly with the group of others that got the answer correctly and rack up some XP, landings, takeoffs and flight hours. And when I mean “low flying” I mean this:

Flying at 100-500 feet doing touch and goes at KLAX ;)

Delta Airlines!