[CLOSED] Antartica anyone? @ SAWH - 121600ZJAN18


Hello all,
this is my first event, and I would like to invite you who are interested to visit the airport on the outer island of Antarctica closest to Chile. Actually the reason I made this event was, when I watched some show at National Geographic Channel there was an event I liked about the trip to the Antarctic to explore it, I kind of forgot the title of the show.

Aircraft & Livery: AC130, C-130J, C130H and Cirrus SR22
For C130 Please choose the livery below. And, SR22 livery is up to you

Server: Training

Region: Chile to Antartica

Departure Airport:
» SAWH - Ushuaia Airport
is located 4 km south of the center of Ushuaia, a city on the island of Tierra del Fuego in the Tierra del Fuego Province of Argentina. This small international airport was opened in 1995, replacing an older one. The airport has been used by various distinct airlines at different periods. It is the world’s southernmost international airport and is often used by passengers as a cruise-ship gateway to the Antarctic.

Arrival Airport:
» SCRM - Teniente R. Marsh Airport
is on King George Island, part of Chile’s Antártica commune in Antarctica, and is the northernmost airport in the continent.
The airport has five small buildings (hangar, control tower) and a small apron area for parking aircraft.

Flight Plan:

» Estimates flying time : 1 hour 30 minutes (Depending on the winds)

NOTAM: No pattern work while the event ongoing (Especially for SR22) and Please follow the ATC instruction

Weight & Balance Recommendation
Since the destination airport has only a runway of approximately 4626 feet, we urge to adjust the load balance. Or changed it to low.

» SAWH TWR: @Trio
» SAWH GND: @Trio

» SCRM TWR: @Trio
» SCRM APP: @Trio

⚠️ comments below for the frequencies you like to control ⚠️

Gates For C130:

Remote 1: Me :)
Remote 2: @WardellStephenCurry (Marine O10)
Remote 3: @BART130 (LV-LTB)
Remote 4: @morgan99 (Ascot [RAF] 130)
Stand 05:
Stand 06: @ItzEhs (LN-EHS)
Gate 04: @Delta_Airlines_One (LA-SEA)
Gate 03: @Harris_Carvel
Gate 02:
Gate 01:

Gates For Cirrus SR22:


When requesting for gate, please tell me your callsign that would be used on this event
“I have chosen all the gates in the airport of departure (SAWH), so I apologize if there is a lack of it because it is entirely”

○ 15:45Z

○ 10:45ET

○ 17:45EET

○ 15:45GMT, WET

○ 21:15IST (India Standard Time)

○ 17:45AST (Arabia Standard Time)

○ 13:45GST (South Georgia Time)

○ 08:45PDT

○ 11:45AT

○ 16:45CET, IST

○ 17:45SAST (South Africa Standard Time)

More timezone (for specific City)

10:45 New York, USA
07:45 Los Angeles, USA
10:45 Miami, FL, USA
15:45 London, UK
16:45 Paris, France. Milan, Italy
09:45 Mexico City, Mexico
13:45 Saõ Paulo, Brazil
12:45 Santiago, Chile
15:45 Reykjavik, Iceland
16:45 Amsterdam, Netherland
18:45 Moscow, Russia
16:45 Munich, Germany (CET)
16:45 Madrid, Spain (CET)
07:45 Vancouver, Canada
10:45 Toronto, Canada
10:45 Bogota, Colombia
17:45 Kiev, Ukraine
16:45 Zurich, Switzerland (CET)
16:45 Vienna, Austria (CET)
18:45 Istanbul, Turkey. Doha, Qatar
19:45 Dubai, UAE
06:45 Juneau, AK, USA


I apologize if there are any errors above, please leave a message if there is a mistake and show me what part of the error,
thank you

I would love to join please assign me a gate

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Ok, what aircraft & gates you want to use?

Hey! I’ll take a gate, C-130, LV-LTB. Thanks! ;)

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I’ll use C-130 airplane

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I’ll be there, c130j

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Sorry @ouzi wasn’t clear enough. I can be tower and ground at SAWH.

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I’ll try to join, no guarantees. I’ll take a C-130 gate. This is extremely coincidental, as I returned to Houston this morning from a trip to Antarctica. We flew out of Punta Arenas (SCCI), but this is still very neat to see. It’s too bad there’s no terrain in Antarctica in IF, as the landing in SCRM is quite magnificent and on a sloped runway.

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What’s the flight time?

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@Delta_Airlines_One the flight time is 15:45Z

or, click More timezone
to see when the event starts on your city/country

Can i get a gate for C130

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Sure, what’s your callsign that you would use on this event?

i am gonna use LN-EHS

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Is Nobody comming ??

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Can I get a gate for C130
Call sign (LA-SEA

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There are 3 gates left for the C130

Event time moved to 1600Z
Sorry for the inconvenience 🙏

ill take a c 130 gate

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