(Closed)Antarctic Action! @ EGYP - 200900ZOCT17

Server: Casual

Airport: EGYP (Mount pleasant)

Time: 0900Z

Come down to Mount Pleasant in the Falkland islands, where we be departing from, down to Antarctica. Whether you want to fly a non-stop round trip or fly a smaller aircraft and stop at airports in the Antarctic peninsula as I will be. Within the next 48hrs I will be releasing a flight route on here for anyone who wants/needs to refuel on this trip.

Any aircraft are permitted, however larger aircraft are encouraged to fly a non-stop round trip, unless you are brave enough to land a big aircraft there!

Flight path:

I recommend people use the c130 as it is capable of operating of out most Antarctic airports. Some of the airports we will be stopping at are gravel, snow or dirt runways.

I hope to see you there!


Sounds like a cool idea! It would be cool to see you heading constantly change as you get near the South Pole.

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Flew down there today and that’s when I got the idea

Sounds awesome! Count me in.

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Today’s the day, hope to see lots of people here!

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