[CLOSED] angryBird ATC Tracking Thread

Hello dear fellow members of IFC,

I believe you all are doing great.

I’m angryBird. ATC is my favorite aspect of Infinite Flight. In my pursuit towards becoming IFATC, I hope you will help me improve by participating in my sessions and letting me know how my performance was as a comment below.

Thank you.


The FNF event has been going on in HAAB currently. I would like you all to fly to HAAB and give me a good start.

Open at Addis Ababa


METAR: 170200Z 32004KT 9999 FEW025 12/09 Q1023

Same rules as followed as per the regulations posted by IFATC in the FNF thread:

  • Runway 25L is used for landing, departures
  • Runway 25R is used as taxiway



Will be there in a gif!

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I’d love to come to help you improve your ATC skills, but it’s late here. I wish you luck and can’t wait to see you apart of the IFATC. If you ever have a question about ATC procedures, just PM me.

IFATC - Brent A

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Thanks, Mr Brent. I appreciate that.


No problem @angrybird ;)

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I crashed Cubs my sis was crying and distracted me. :P

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ehem yes you can. Its used on small airports


You should learn your facts before you ‘try’ to show off


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