[CLOSED] Amsterdam region EDDK TS1 Tower

I appreciate IFATC members and pilots coming to Sydney a few days ago when I was controlling approach.
I invite anyone not participating in todays events to come to the Amsterdam region today as I’m on Cologne-Bonn tower until ~1730z. There seems to be a few other ATCs in the region too.


Do you want my feedback here or in PM?

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please share it where you like

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Good controlling today. At the end of my flight, I was on left downwind 32L, full stop. I was expecting “N929CA, number 1, cleared to land/for the option.” Instead, you gave me a “Roger”. So, next time, when a pilot is tired of doing patterns and wants to land, you got to clear him to land. In case if you’re wondering, coming in for landing and coming in for touch and goes are not the same thing. Landing means full stop and touch and goes means touch and goes :)

Also, I saw @ThomasR doing some crazy patterns or doing some airshow stunts, which could potentially create disaster in the airspace while others are remaining in the pattern. I don’t know if you let him do that but make sure you as a controller stop him from doing that and properly remain in the pattern. He’s in IFAE and he’s Grade 5, so he should know better 😛

Was not doing anything wrong ;) flying some tight patterns that’s all :)


Thank you 😊. I responded with “roger” first because it’s what pops up first in the box. Correct me if I’m wrong… Clered for the options means that you can land or Tuch and go, so when you say full stop it’s just letting me know that you don’t want to do an other pattern. I’ll make sure to respond correctly to full stop

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Btw nice landings @ThomasR @CannedAviation


@CannedAviation did he already clear you for the option when you gave your intentions to land? (Full Stop) If so he was correct in doing so. If you are already cleared for the option and then call full stop roger is the correct response because cleared for the option includes clearence for landing as well as touch and go and stop and go.

What if he told me before I cleared him but I didn’t want to clear him yet for what ever reason. Is it still ok to respond with Roger ?

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In that case no. You should only respond with roger if you have cleared them for the option.

Example: “NIX2545 Cleared for the option, runway 24L” “Cleared for the option runway 24L, NIX2545” “Full stop, NIX2545” “NIX2545, Roger”

You should have just given him landing clearance. Remember if you have cleared them for the option and they call full stop just reply with roger no separate clearence is needed.

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Understud thank you 😃

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I didn’t want to make a new topic so I’m just continuing here. I don’t have az much time this time though so ~1hr from now. Everything else is the same.

No. I’m open right now, as the last comment sais

will do :-) care to join?

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I can’t say for sure. Good night and have a nice flying lesson :-)


Open again until ~1830z EHAM this time

switched to EDDK due to winds at schiphol (closed becauseTT event is starting soon)

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