[Closed] Amsterdam - Düsseldorf EVENT! @ EHAM - 231300ZSEP15

Join our next Event! You can choose your own Route
from Schiphol - Dusseldorf… You can choose: The Boing 737-700 from Airberlin or the Boing 777 from KLM. Its start At the 23.09.15 and 06.am (Los Angeles Zone)… C u

Please format your event title to fit the rules

What do i have to do ?

@swang007 @jooeball please edit it for him

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Can I come in a 737-7 KLM or 747-4 KLM? Or do I have to come in an Air Berlin 737-7

You can come with an 737 Airberlin or 737 KLM

Ok Thanks!

What is 6 am in the netherlands? I’m dutch myself hahah.

I think 15:00 o’ clock 😅

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Oops, got a date on wednesday. Well, thats gonna be IF for sure!

I also live in holland

I live in Germany :D

Tim ‘Hollands’, wait what? ;)

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13h00Zulu is 14h00 CET if i’m not wrong.

What Server?

ATC Playground

Ok I’m on now

My callsign is BE48ST