[Closed] American Vs Delta Landing Competition @ KLGA - 121700ZJUL17

I will be there with American Airlines. I will be flying the A320 or A321


I will possibly be there. I will fly an American Airlines a320 may I have gate 10 please?

I will possibly be there, I will use an American A320. Can I have gate 10 please?

I’ll be there American a320, may I have a gate please, my name is Sam goods

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I don’t know matters what the winds are

Ok thanks for letting me know

Gate 15 is all yours it won’t let me add more than 10 users

Are we going to start soon?

How long is this event?

I’ve been waiting for 20 mins now, what’s going on?

Start time is 1700Z which 1:00pm EDT

I will be American and Gate 12 , my name is xxOxx

I’ll be in my Air Force 737 plane just watching! IG-lgbtcm2017 is my username in infinite flight… I’ll be over there now just practicing my landings. So if anyone wants to join me now. Go ahead.

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Gate 12 is yours have fun

This starts in 1 hour 10 mins from this post

I will take Gate 17 ok so please noby take that gate


The metar is…

KLGA 121551Z 28007G20KT 10SM SCT040 SCT250 31/22 A2998 RMK AO2 SLP151 T03060217.

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@Reedgreat you beat me to it haha 30 mins everyone


Can I fly around the airport for fun watching or should I just watch from the tower.

You can Fly I’ll just clear/sequence you for different runway