[Closed] American Saturday Event @ KONT - 192130ZMAR16



Event Airbus (A321 / A320) American. ATC Playground

We will start 21:20 (Zulu) between the gates 3-01 - 4-12, we will do the pushback 21:28 (Zulu), 21:30 (Zulu) begin takeoffs of KONT the 26R runway (If the runway is closed we will go to 08L)

Let’s KONT to KNUC and land on runway 24 (If the runway is closed landed on runway 06)

Put your callsing in: American 100 to 200 American, to be easy to know who is at the event!

NOTE: I will be with the Boeing 777-200ER American with his old painting, to follow flight


I’ll be
American 177

Count me in…

Can I use the Callsign American 1093?? Please…

Yeah, you can use callsing 1093

Call sign: American 186
Plane:B772ER or A321
Livery: OneWorld American

Can I use a 757 ?

I’m sorry guys! Event canceled!