[Closed] American Invasion of Amsterdam @ EHAM - 251800ZFEB17

This event is not for a virtual airline, ANYONE can join!

Server: Training

Region: Amsterdam

Airport: EHAM

Time: 1800Z

NOTAM: Hello all! I’m back with a new event. For this event, you can be in any American Airlines livery. Please use either an “American” “AA” or “AAL” callsign. We will spawn at Amsterdam Airport and cruise around the region, doing touch-and-goes at Dusseldorf (EDDL) and then ending the flight at Brussels (EBBR).
Please do not pushback at EHAM until I (callsign American 1523) does at it gives time for screenshots. Taxi to runway 27 and then takeoff one-by-one. When the plane in front of you begins it’s takeoff roll, line up and wait. Climb out at 220-240 KTS air speed and climb to 10100 feet, then increase speed to 290-310 knots airspeed. Begin the descent for Dusseldorf 25 NM out, and when you touch-and-go there climb to 10100 feet again. Then, about 25 NM away from Brussels descend.

Here is the FPL:

You can copy it from me (callsign American 1523). Stay tuned incase it changes, I based it off of forecasted wind conditions for Saturday.

Here are some local times the event will be at:
USA (EST): 1:00 PM Saturday February 25
USA (PST): 10:00 AM Saturday February 25
London (GMT): 6:00 PM Saturday February 25
Sydney (AEDT): 5:00 AM Sunday February 26

Gate Assignments:
F03: RTG113
F04: @unitedfc
F05: @ScottE15
F06: @Cpt.TC
F07: @Seb2104
F08: @Reggie_MacDuff
F09: @miko99x
E07: @MSR
E08: @Continental764
E09: BrunoHeinsAAT
E17: Kenny1238
E18: Sebairways
E19: Hugh_Cooper
E20: Open
E22: Ceri8
E24: Abhishek_Bhattachary
E72: Reserved for an IRL friend of mine who doesn’t have an account on the IFC
E75: Ricardo-acosta
E77: Dossym_Makhanov
G04: rohaim_khedr
G06: OfficialJC
G08: KevinMC88
G07: Harry_Bowles
G09: Cem_koyluoglu
G05: Huuuu_Leo
G03: N9827X

ATC at EHAM: @Hammer_The_Nail
ATC at EDDL: @stianhelland
ATC at EBBR: Xpheros

Reply below for a gate assignment. More gates will be added if needed!

If someone is breaking server rules at the event, like purposely crashing, acting like a dingbat, etc. please report them. If 3 or more people report a user then they are automatically ghosted.

I encourage you guys to take screenshots, and post them here after the event. Hope to see you there!


I don’t mind at all, go ahead!!


Sign me up thanks for tagging me.


----------------------------------------Sign me up! F04


You’ve been assigned gate F05.

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add me on ATC EDDL


May I have hate F07 thanks


Please add me to the sortie. Any gate is good with me. Thx!


Add me please ,


sign me up please, any gate…


Thanks for letting me know

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Can I please be ATC at EHAM?

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Yes of course! Do tower and ground. :)

I am asking that all pilots have an “American” “AA” or “AAL” callsign.

Any gate, I’ll be there!

American 991, A321

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You’ve been assigned gate E08 :)

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You’ve been assigned gate F09

@Antonio_D_Andrea_201 is now going to the ATC at EBBR for our event.

hey i wnat to be in the event

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we are just going to do a touch and go ?

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