[Closed] American Airlines Tour! @ KSAN - 201800ZMAR16

American (Boeing 757 Painting 2013)

Server: ATC Playground

KSAN Gates: 01 to 20.
Pushback and Taxi 18:05 (Zulu Time)
Takeoffs on runway 27 starting at 18:10 (Zulu Time)
Following flight to KONT

Land on runway 26R
Contact Ground at 121.90 and ask for permission to taxi will track 26L
Start takeoffs on runway 26L
Following flight to KNUC

Land on runway 24
Contact Ground at 119.95 and ask for permission to taxi to parking
We will end the event there!

NOTE: To start in KSAN, please tell your gate to have no confusion

NOTE 2: I’ll take the gate 02

NOTE 3: Any doubts talk to migo! (@DemenciaCraft)


Moved to the events catergory ;)

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Yeah! I’m Happy :D

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Currently KSAN ground :)

The event is tomorrow

Oh… Lol I thought it was today

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Lol. No problem Benny

Im parking at gate 01

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i will take gate 07

If I can be there, gate 3 is mine .

@Aviation @Martijn_Decates do there coming?

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Will come. Any Aircraft or livery rule?

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I think any American liveries or only 757-200. 2013 painting?? one of this AA

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Hello guys I would love to join the event

I will take gate 10 if that’s okay. Thanks

Okay, Kevin

Yes, you need use boeing 757

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We are Gate 12 +13 with @Aviation

Can i use the 777-300er in American livery (2013) because i hate the 757? i can fly better with 777-300er

I will take gate 8