[Closed] American Airlines Flash Event @ KNUC 290340ZAUG15

Server: *Advanced Server

Region: SoCal

Airport: KNUC

Time: 11:40 EST

NOTAM: Will start at KNUC and hop over to KSAN, then we will go from KSAN-KLAX. Chose any aircraft with an American Livery(new one preferably).

Here is my flight plan for both flights



If you would kindly help me to properly fix this topic please do!!! Hope to see you there!

Great! That’s fine with me, I’ll tell you when we get there!

Am I too late…

I was about to send you the link but you found it😂 it looks like it’s just going to be me and you, until we get to KSAN and I’ll tell @Rotate we are there, and no. My callsign is American 328 Heavy

Ok. I’m: Escort

@Swang007 please change event title to make it fit with the rules

Please change the title. Follow the template provided

@cameron_brown so we’ll wait for more here?

@cameron_brown had a swell time

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Thank you for coming to my first event! That was great! What is your time zone? It’s 1:30 am for me in Pennsylvania USA.

Here are my screenshots:

Holding short RW 27 at KSAN

Parking at gate after landing KLAX

I filled in what was provided for me

Is that advanced server?

Yes it was, @AnnieCorp_Inc and I just finished our flights from KNUC-KSAN and KSAN-KLAX, sorry. We were the only 2 on the server.😂

@Cameron_Brown its 1:52 AM now for me Antigua, WI.

Here’s my screenshots

KNUC Parking

KLAX Parking

I’ve changed it @Boeing707 and @Captain_DJ 😁

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@Cameron_Brown please keep your event chat in its original topic in the future. Advertising in other topics is considered off-topic. Thanks!