[Closed] All VA Fly in @ EGLL - 291700ZOCT16

Server: Training server 2

Region: London

Airport: EGLL

Time: 1700Z

NOTAM: Hello Community

I am the Head of Operations at Easyjet VA and we would like to invite all VA’s to come and show yourselves off in the London region on Saturday. I have chosen 1700Z because i think most people should be able to attend at that time. If this is a bad time for all Americans please reply as i think the majority of people are from there so we want a good time for them

We will be flying from EGLL to EGBB for a T&G then back down to EGKK for a T&G and then a flight into EGLL. Due to how close EGKK and EGLL are a flight plan will be made to reflect this by going south and looping in. I imagine the flight to take no longer than about 45 minutes and it will be a good time to show off your VA. All VA leaders please reply to show your VA’s interest and i will make a PM with all leaders to assign gates and other important information. I hope as many people will come as possible.

If you are not part of a VA but would like to come then feel free to come in an unmarked plane and enjoy it.

A flight plan and gates will be released soon and when i know the amount of people who could be coming.

We will start off with Terminal 1 only.

101-109- Easyjet @Joshua_Fleming
110-112 and 117,119,120- Avianca @Thomas_Ralph
121-122 and 139-140- Redwings @Giacomo_Lawrance


I’ll check with our VA! We would be interested to join

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What VA?..

Qatar Airways


How many gates?

I’ll share it with Redwings pilots and see what they say :)


Hi Avianca Virtual Airlines will be taking part in this event and we will need 3 gates.


Your in. Will be nice to see you

I’ll check with Frontier Virtual and see if my pilots will be up to it.



We may join!
Vietnam airline CEO, Nathan Nguyen


Are you still interested? If so how many gates?

Thank you. How many gates would you like

I’m in Redwings but I can’t come. It’s at midnight for me.

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Flight plan for today attached. Please copy mine when on the ground just in case runways change.

Also please use nothing bigger than A321/B757 as they cant fit in gates at EGLL very well. If your airline has nothing smaller, use your biggest but let me know.

One only please

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thanks to all who have asked to come. A change in the plan now is that we will be finishing at EGKK not going on to EGLL as they are very close and will take too long. Please spawn 5 minutes before 1700Z and then pushback on time.

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you will have gate 174.

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