[Closed] Alaskan Adventure: More Milk Run! @ PAJN - 191830ZNOV17

Server: Training Server

“Region”: Alaska

Airport: PAJN

Time: 1830Z

Aircraft: Boeing 737-800 or 900 in the Alaska Airlines livery

NOTAM: This is a continuation of the Alaskan Adventure from Anchorage to Juneau. We will take off from Juneau ( PAJN), and do touch and goes at Sitka (PASI), and Petersburg (PAPG) before landing in Ketchikan. Upon landing in Ketchikan, taxi to the Gates, if there is not space available there, just park on the apron next to the Gates.

Gates @ PAJN

Gate 2 - @Harrison_Allen
Gate 3 - @mattrich
Gate 4 - @BobbyRobert - Alaska 907
Gate 5 - @IFlyHigh_190

Main Apron 01
Main Apron 02

What aircraft will be used?

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Fixed it. The Alaska Airlines 738 and 739

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Please, sign me up for any available gate!

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You are at gate 3. See you there!

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Can i be gate 5 alaska airlines 737-900

Please, try refraining from using fillers like that in the future.

Also when is the event

18:30 Zulu, 10:30 Pacific Standard Time

Half an hour until the event!

Late notice but can i have a gate and callsign please

The callsign is up to you, but I’ll put you at gate 2

Thank you and is that gate for starting or finishing airport

That is for Juneau. We will all just squeeze onto the apron in Ketchikan (the destination airport).

Thank you, I’m ready to go

Can operate ATC for the flight

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