[Closed] Alaskan Adventure: Come to Cordova @ PANC - 051830ZNOV17

Disclamer: This Event is Not Sponsored by a Virtual Airline. If Your VA Would Like to Sponsor it, Please Say So in the Comments.

Server: Training

Region: Alaska (Global)

Airport: PANC

Aircraft: Alaska Airlines 737-800

Time: 18:30Z

NOTAM: We will be using all of the C Gates at PANC (and will spill into the B Gates if necessary), take off whatever active runway is available, then fly to Cordova and back.

C Gates

C-03 - @euroflyer
C-04 - @Oli_H
- @BobbyRobert - Alaska 907
C-06 - @PlaneCrazy

Flight Plan:

We will fly from Anchorage International Airport to Cordova “Mudhole” Smith, and back.


Expect a return flight plan while on the ground in Cordova.

While on the ground in Cordova, please exit runway 27 at the second exit, then taxi to the other runway exit by the hangars and GA area, then wait in line for takeoff. Takeoff will not happen until all of the aircraft are on the ground.

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can you get me a gate?

sure! how’s gate C-4 sound?

great thanks! Alaska 738

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The event can be moved back,so here is a poll to see which day works better. It will be closed at 2200Z

  • Keep the event on Tuesday
  • Move it back to next Sunday

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CAn i please have a gate please

Sure! Will you be able to make the event on Sunday instead if it gets pushed back to then?

yeah i will be able too

The results are in. The event will be moved back to Sunday November 5th at 18:30Z

Less than 30 minutes until the event starts

Add me please! Looks like a great event!

It has been done. Have fun at gate C-6

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I will be continuing onto PAJN after, would you like to join me?

Sure! I may stop in yakatat on the way

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Can you slow down a bit, @anon36571935 is going to try to catch up…

Sure, I’m doing so now

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Just a touch and go at PACV right?

No, full stop, exit runway, wait until everyone is on the ground, then taxi back to the runway and take off. Follow my aircraft.

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Does anyone else want to stop at Yakutat (PAYA) on the way to PAJN?

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330 knots at 14000 feet?

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