[CLOSED] Alaska Range to the Alps! @ PANC - 211900ZOCT17

Thank you for that.👍

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@Joseph_Krol the C1-C9 gates are a fully Alaska airlines gates and are only capable of handling the Boeing 737-700-737-900 and the Q400 series. All of the other larger aircraft park at the north terminal to the left of the Charlie gates and the bravo gates to the right of the Charlie gates

hi i can come to this event can i please have a gate

Oh, I see. What terminals can accommodate large planes?

One second, after I figure out this gate situation.

We could do the cargo gates

The 777 and 767 and 747 usually go to the north terminal unless it’s a 757 then it goes to the bravo gates

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What about gates N01-N09?

That’s what them gates are for. Your style event and aircrafts

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Thank you for your help! Any chance that’ll you’ll come with us?

Gates have been changed to the North Terminal (gates N01-N08)

Current Gate Assignments:
N01:@Joseph_Krol (SWISS A330)
N03:@Daniel14 (SWISS 777W)
N06:@ZZBossGaming (Lufthansa 747-8)

Ok I will make a note

can i please have a gate

Of course, you may! What will be your aircraft?

i will be bringing a swiss a330 or 777

I will put that down! You’ll have gate N07.

Is it ok if I bring the DELTA 787-8 instead?

No problem at all! I’ll change it.

Thanks! My 777 was not able to achieve the speeds I wanted yesterday and this morning

I see. Keep in mind, we will try our best to stay at M .86