[CLOSED] Alaska Range to the Alps! @ PANC - 211900ZOCT17

Server: Training

Region: The entire freaking world

Airport: PANC-LSZH

Time: 1900Z, 7PM PT, 8PM MST, 9PM CT, 10PM EDT

Aircraft: An aircraft from an airline that serves Anchorage or Zurich airports. (e.g. Swiss A330)

NOTAM: We will be at gate C01-C09, we have space for two others. Anybody who joins after these people will park at the stands.

N01:@Joseph_Krol (SWISS 777W)
N02:@Spraklin (Saudia 787-9)
N03:@Daniel14 (Delta 787-8)
N06:@ZZBossGaming (Lufthansa 747-8)
N07:@William_Burke (SWISS 777W or A330)
N08:@Oli_H(SWISS 777W)

Remote Stand 2: @DiamondGaming4 (UAL 787-9)
Remote Stand 3: @The777 (TUI 787)
Remote Stand R12: @Lucas_Dominguez (SWISS A330)
Flight Plan:

Climb speed: 248 knots
Climb speed above 10,000 feet: 300 knots
Cruise speed: M .86
Cruise Altitude: 32,000 feet ASL
Vertical Speed after departure: 2200 fpm
Vertical Speed during descent: 1900 fpm

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Might want to change what you have written for time to 1900

Thanks for giving me a gate

I did change it. Look at the title now.

The one in the post it says 0200

Don’t forget a group chat

I’ll create a group chat soon, not quite yet. I have now also fixed the time.

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How long is the flight time? and i think you mean PANC not KANC it doesnt exist

Between 10-11 hours. You’ll leave your device on overnight as you get some sleep, and wake up before landing.

It’s starts at 7 rest right

Also can I have a gate

I did mean PANC, sorry.

Yes, you may have a gate!

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So, any chance you’ll come?

No sorry doing my own flight

I can not wait! This will be fun!

I’m hyped! Can’t wait to fly with all of you!

I can’t wait either! I’m having trouble with the FPL in solo but I figured the problem out. You just can’t add all the fixes at once

Oh and what is the VS?

Let’s go for 2200 fpm. I’ll put that on top.