(CLOSED) Alaska Flyin’ Series Vote - PANC WON!

It’s come time to vote for our next Alaska Flyin’ event. To try to gain more interest. I have made the decision to make the theme of this one larger airports. Look forward to seeing y’all at wherever you choose

Registration still open for last event!

Where Should My Next Event Be?

  • Anchorage (PANC)
  • Fairbanks (PAFA)
  • Juneau (PAJN)
  • Ketchikan (PAKT)

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PANC because of the runways. There 👍

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There will also be able to e international destinations.

Nice but sadly I don’t have a subscription right now but hopefully the 20TH of September and your event is on the 19th

I’m not completely sure what your saying. My event this month is 2019-09-29T18:00:00Z. Hope you can make it. Please sign up on the event thread.


Anchorage it is for next month 🙂

I won’t be able to sign up. Maybe for the next

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Ok. I’m still working on the date.

If it’s Maybe, the 21ST of September @ 10:30 AM I could join

If it is that, I’ll inform you the days before if I could

That’s not really how events work. Sorry mate the next one will unofficially be 2019-10-26T21:00:00Z

This one I could

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Great I will PM you when I open the thread. I’m working on it currently.

Ok no problem mate.

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