[CLOSED] AlanWeit’s practice on how to become a great ATC at MMMX on TS1 (Please Join, Only 1 Plane Is At MMMX)

Hey guys currently im improving my skills as an ATC, if u wanna help, go to MMMX (Mexico City Intl) currently i am tower and ground atc…

I’d come but my device that has Infinite Flight on it is downstairs and I’m currently too lazy to get up and get it. Maybe next time ;)

allright, enjoy your bed/couch!

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I just spawned! lets get to work

woo! lets go!!!

Nice start to practicing. Here are my feedback

  1. Barely any map awareness. There was a plane on its takeoff roll on 05R and you said Roger to my call on short final. Go around would have been the much better option.
    1a. I reported because I got no clearence
  2. Why can’t the plane take off 05L when there’s 0 planes inbound? Instead he has to cross for 05R.
  3. You clear people for the option when you’re unsure. Not land
  4. I requested a runway switch, you said unable and yet I got a clearence on that runway? Seriously confused about that.
  5. You don’t say ‘continue taxi’ before giving taxi clearence, if that was a mistake say correction, stand by

Just get more practices in and you’ll be fine

  • Aeromexico 689

because MMMX designed the runways wrong, actually there cant be 2 landings at a time

But there were 0 planes inbound for landing. Well there’s one that’s at 17000 feet

okay…ill try to be better now

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