[Closed!] Airport MAX Out Event POLL

We now have 100 Votes!

Thanks to everyone who has vote! Be sure to keep voting and show your airport sprit!

Just curious, when would this event be scheduled?

I am currently offering a poll to see what date works best for everyone! Check the top of the form!



Airport MAX Out currently has a landing competition that will be going on this FRIDAY! Check it out here

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VHHH is in the lead!

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We have also added prizes to the landing Competition! These include the first look at the list of destinations and gates at the next Airport MAX Out event!

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VHHH is in the lead with both KHOU and KBDL close by!

VHHH is pulling ahead!

C’mon guys! Vote for PDX!!! Gonna be lovely up in Oregon!

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Come on BDL!!! The New England Air Museum is right on the airport and it has a B-29!!!


VHHH is pulling away with the vote!

VHHH 22%! We can do it!

Everyone who voted for something under KAUS… I suggest that you revote for something that has a chance (Help KBDL out) :P

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I’m suggesting that you take the top 3 airports and have people vote in that and see which on wins. I think that would be more fair because look at all the airports with like 1 vote, that won’t win but it’s one vote for the top 3.
Regards, AsorbMC

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Less than 1 day till the poll closes

One problem with VHHH is that there’s a lot of gates and it won’t be easy to max it out. Smaller airports are better. Just my opinion :)


Just saying…HOU would be better…🙃

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The poll is closing in less than 12 hours!


It is highly recommended that you join the landing competition tomorrow! If you win, you will be rewarded with any destination of your choice for the Airport MAX Out event.

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KHOU currently is in second!

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