[Closed!] Airport MAX Out Event POLL

Whoever has picked VHHX and below, I recommend re-voting as your airport has no chance at winning at this point (Unless a miracle)

I just need around 3,000XP to get to Grade 3, therefore I might be able to join!

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We now have 100 Votes!

Thanks to everyone who has vote! Be sure to keep voting and show your airport sprit!

Just curious, when would this event be scheduled?

I am currently offering a poll to see what date works best for everyone! Check the top of the form!



Airport MAX Out currently has a landing competition that will be going on this FRIDAY! Check it out here

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VHHH is in the lead!

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We have also added prizes to the landing Competition! These include the first look at the list of destinations and gates at the next Airport MAX Out event!

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VHHH is in the lead with both KHOU and KBDL close by!

VHHH is pulling ahead!

C’mon guys! Vote for PDX!!! Gonna be lovely up in Oregon!

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Come on BDL!!! The New England Air Museum is right on the airport and it has a B-29!!!


VHHH is pulling away with the vote!

VHHH 22%! We can do it!

Everyone who voted for something under KAUS… I suggest that you revote for something that has a chance (Help KBDL out) :P

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I’m suggesting that you take the top 3 airports and have people vote in that and see which on wins. I think that would be more fair because look at all the airports with like 1 vote, that won’t win but it’s one vote for the top 3.
Regards, AsorbMC

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Less than 1 day till the poll closes

One problem with VHHH is that there’s a lot of gates and it won’t be easy to max it out. Smaller airports are better. Just my opinion :)


Just saying…HOU would be better…🙃

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The poll is closing in less than 12 hours!