[Closed] Airport ATC @ PHTO Hilo Intl

Test my skills and have fun. Join me at Hilo…

Pattern work: Accepted

Server: Playground

Transition: 4100ft - 8100ft

Active takeoff runway: 26 (A318/B737 + in size)
Active takeoff runway: 21 (Smaller aircraft than above)

Active landing runway: 26 (Larger)
Active landing runway: 21 (Smaller)

Stats: Closed

Closing time: 0 Minutes


Thankyou to those who flew through the airport and departed. It was nice to have a good flow of traffic today. I remind people that Remaing in the pattern means that your planning to stay in my pattern and circle the airport, either to land/touch and go or keep circling.

Anyways thank you hope to see you all again in another operation!

I’m coming !

nice to see ya

Captain just a helping hand with your commands, when I request a extend downwind, it means a bit further down. Also with turning base, do wait until I give the command.

Thankyou for turning up!

No problem :)

A Hawaiian 726 - alexbarisily.

You have showed aggressive behaviour and I wish you not to return to the airspace, next time I will ghost.