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Lol! I don’t think I can get this one!

A 777 which someone distastefully photoshopped


An Airbus 747


that is so obviously photoshoped

You know, I thought Boeing was going downhill…

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Boeing 777 Cockpit engines
Coming 2017!

A very poorly designed aircraft.

ANSWER:This photo was purloined by one of my agents from a very well know flight simulator developer. It’s a concept aircraft in development and flight test. It’s designed to satisfy subscribers request for a Co-Pilot capability and enhance the “Plane Spotter” segment of their blog. The conceptional design is designated BRG-320-AA. (Boeing’s Revenue Generator-320-Absolutly Asinine. Max Sends

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Leave reverse thrust on too long and you might take off again … backwards 😎

anybody else notice the face on the left main gear?

I see it. Looks like it’s wearing some sunglasses lol.

All I can say is poor passengers!