Closed. Aircraft Recognition- Great Lakes Sport 2T-1A-2 or a Waco Classic Reproduction @dush19 wins @Leodhasach runner up, see explaination!

Great Lakes 2T - 1A - 2

This is the last recognition photo from a daily aviation newsletter which has worldwide circulation… Max Sends

Close but no cigar… Max Sends

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Good “guess”. No! Max Sends

@GatwickGuy. Farid my brother; “Old School” that’s me! Wish you had not posted search link. Pls edit your post & remove the link. I’d bloody appreciate it… Max Sends

@GatwickGuy. Thank you old Friend. I owe you one. Warm Regards,
Max Sends

Great Lakes 2T-1A-2 Sport Trainer

lol sorry max I deleted it b4 I edited it. Look like its fail this time. Use image from plane spotters which is not been uploaded. ;)

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Close but no cigar Toby! Max Sends

But that’s what it says it is under that very image I found for it on the internet. Are you saying the internet is wrong? I’m going to have to have a lie down.

Ok let’s end this circle jerk. This aircraft is identified with two model types both built by Great Lakes Aviation which went bankrupt in the Great Wall Street Crash in the 1930’s. It’s now being rolled back out today as an aerobatic craft by Waco Classic AIrcraft. Multiple sources list this plane as the “VH-WQW” others ID it as a “Great Lakes Sport model 2T-1A-2”. Both @dush19 & @Leodhasach where right. Mr. Srinivasan was first! Max Sends


It’s a very nice looking beast too. Far more interesting to look at than the usual pedestrian run of bland Airbuses and Boeings.

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@Maxmustang, isn’t this supposed to be in RWA? I don’t see any IF stuff here. Just saying. :)

Your right @Henrik_B… My bust will correct if Abel. Thanks, Max

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