Closed. Aircraft Recognition: -- B-757-200 & PA-28 (Cherokee) Corrected; Winner B767Fan. Oi!

Max Sends


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A Piper - xx?
Don’t know the model lol

One is a 757-200. The other is a piper but I don’t know the model.

  • 757-200
  • Commander 112 or Piper?

Piper PA-28 (?) and Boeing 752.

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The wake turbulence from that piper(?) must be insane…


Just like Wake Turbulence from @Mark_Denton ’ s Cessna 172


just as long as he doesn’t use the Call Sign Suffix “Heavy” …

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What’s funny is that I call my son Wake Turbulence since I am Skyhawk Heavy


Piper Cherokee and B752

Now let’s end the misery! It’s a B-757-200 and a Piper PA-28 (Cherokee)
Max Sends

Oi! I said Piper PA-28!

@B767fan… “752”? Me thinks you have no foundation for yr “Ol”. LOL.
Max send w/a Bloody Smerk!

752 is the ICAO for B 757-200.

@B767fan. I stand corrected. I’ll fix it, sorry bout dar! Max Sends

No worries Max!

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Yay! I finally won one! Oi!

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