Closed- Aircraft Recognition- A321NEO WIZZ Air just signed a "big" buy contract! And the winner is- Maxim B. in 1 minute 40 sec.!'!!! A new record time!

Mad Max Sends


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Airbus A321NEO Wizzair

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A321 Sharklets Wizzair. One of 16 on order.

I see that edit! @Henry_Collins

What… No edit…

You originally had A321 no NEO :))

Plus, there is no NEO with Dorito Chips

But, I was looking at the most recent Airliner World magazine, only 6 of the 16 A321s are NEOS

But if this is a NEO, it must have sharklets

@Maxmustang My nickname is Reltzer, and my name is Maxim B. Not “Maxim Reltzer” :P

Yeah, but there are sharklets but no NEO

@Henry_Collins… Correction Henry; 110 on order see Aviation News. Max sends

(Got AP Tickets, looking for a job, Apply WIZZ by the most expeditious means possible.)

WizzAir pilots don’t get payed a lot.

@Reltzer… Corrected, fixed, Sorry. Max

No problem, proud to set the world record :)

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