Closed Aircraft Recce- China/Harbin Industries Y-12..Boeing773ER Wins in a record 3 minutes! Well Done!

Max Sez. A complete correct answer wins

@Maxmustang Harbin Y-12

Harbin, China based. Aircraft is Y-12-IV

Harbin Y-12-IV.

But he never uses the whole title.

Record time 😏

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…Wrong answer…

Ye, I do agree… He did not use the full name. No worries though :)

Yeh, but that’s a big notable difference a 777-300 is significantly larger than a 777-200

@Boeing773ER@Samuel123abc @B767fan… Ok, ok, ok, Food Fight.
My bust, but Boeing was close enough today cause I said so! There’s always a next time! Zach, next time you win I give you 3 gold victory stars ok…


BTW it’s my first time winning this kind of competition
Next time I will be more specific

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@Boeing773ER. Well done! Max